About us

TABCTV is a student run team of, photographers, videographers, commentators, and producers who work together to live stream sports and academic events at Torah Academy of Bergen County. As we are constantly looking to improve the quality of our streams as well as to broaden the spectrum of the events that we cover, we are looking for sponsors to help upgrade, and maintain our equipment as well as to help better train our staff. To help us out by either donating or sponsoring please email us via the contact page. Students of TABC who are interested in joining the TABCTV team should also contact us via the contact page.

Meet our Staff:

CEO:                                         Ezra Finkelstein 

Executive Director:                    Moshe Golubtchik

Head Producer:                          Pinny Silver

Assistant Head Commentator:    Matthew Ganchrow
Faculty Adviser:                         Chris Brantley

Business:                                  Mikey Finkelstein, Itai Hudes,Aryeh Lejtman, Jacob Lerer, Akiva                                                  Reich, Avi Roth, Eli Schloss, Avi Schmeltz, Zack Schreiber

Producer:                                  Avi Roth, Avi Schmeltz, Zach Schrieber

Public Relations:                        Aryeh Mack, Akiva Reich, Avi Roth, Avi Schmeltz, Zach                                                              Schreiber, Avi Stewart

Commentator:                           Eli Blumenfeld, Eli Englard, Gabe Gerzberg, Elie Jarashow, Ari                                                    Kaminetzky, Yitzy Kopstick, Eitan Leff, Jacob Lerer, Aryeh                                                          Mack, Liev Markovich, Ariel Rivkin, Shai Rosalimsky, Shmuel                                                      Ross, Ezra Seplowitz, Ari Solomon, Yisroel Tannenbaum

Videographer:                            Itai Hudes, Aryeh Mack, Uri Ostrin, Yitzi Wellikoff